Offline Maps

Venu2 with a map image

Maps4Garmin is an app that is available for you to download on your Garmin device. It allows users to view a map of their location, and for a small fee, allows users to view the weather radar as well.

Disclaimer: Although Maps4Garmin can ususally display your current position, it should not be used as a primary source of navigation. Maps4Garmin and Maps4Garmin's developer are not responsible for any harm caused in the use of this app.

Offline maps in Maps4Garmin allow users to save a map image to their watch, so that they can use Maps4Garmin offline. Here's how it works.

Storing the map image:

If you are using Maps4Garmin and would like to save the map that you are currently viewing for offline usage, open the menu and press "Store Current Map For Offline Usage." This feature saves the current map image for future reference. You can store multiple offline maps. For example, if you wanted to store a whole mountain for offline usage, you could store one image of the whole mountain at zoom level 11, then five closer images at zoom level 13.

Retrieving the map image:

Great, you stored the map image, but how do you get it back? Maps4Garmin only relys on the stored map images if you do not have connection to your phone. So, if you want to see if your offline map worked, turn bluetooth off on your phone or watch and then try to view the area where your stored your offline map. You must be on the same zoom level as the image that you stored.

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